What makes VARISUN different and innovative?

It is a mid/high range cosmetic/pharmaceutical product with a specific target audience (men/women of 18 years and over), with an image therefore that is far from that of the generic sunscreen products we tend to see on the market.

We want to aim our product at an audience seeking not simply to protect their skin from solar irradiation, but who are also concerned about their health and their looks,  and who are seeking added value from their products, in this instance a healthy sunscreen product. Women and men who look after themselves on both the inside and the outside.

This is the case with our product, a sunscreen that also combines pharmacological elements that activate and improve our circulation and prevent the appearance of superficial venous disorders while we sunbathe.  A “2 in 1” product irresistible to this type of audience.

The design line created is similar to the image of top range cosmetic products, but at a very competitive price.

Available in 200ml airless format and SPF (protection factor) 30 and 50.